welcome to S.E.A


Ifat Finkelman, Brad Pinchuck, Hanan Pomagrin, Architects
Graphic Designer: Guy Goldstein

A place defined by trinkets and memorabilia rather than national boundaries. A place where tourism is the only religion and the gods are those you buy for your mantelpiece.
Welcome to S.E.A
At exactly 12:00, the luggage is removed from the room and the signs of the previous occupants are cleared; together with the wet towels and crumpled sheets; a block of virgin hotel writing paper is carefully placed on the table below the mirror- inviting the fulfillment of another fantasy.
Eilat is remarkably similar to Aqaba on the eastern shore of the Red Sea and the Sinai coast to the west. These three areas are distinguished by a special status granted to allow for the growth and development of major tourist centers, and by a local population that is made up mainly of temporary workers serving the tourist industry. The three regions have more in common with each other than with their own countries.
S.E.A recognized their common goals and suggests creating one fluid zone.
In this zone the hotel room is the most intimate of architectural spaces. Within this private illusion of paradise exists another reality- just a moment before arrival; strangers occupied this very same room. What did they do in the room? How did they use the bathroom? Did they commit a crime, a murder perhaps?

  • Role co-designer
  • For The Israeli Pavilion, Biennale Rotterdam 2005
  • Date 2005