Ifat Finkelman


The Cancer Hospice

Sheba Medical Center, Tel HaShomer

Urban Housing


Urban Wildlife & the Water Tower

Ramat HaNasy, Bat Yam

Playground in the Museum

The Israel Museum, Jerusalem

Performing Arts Center

Hod HaSharon

Bat Yam Pier Restoration

Zion Square Pavilion

Israel Festival Jerusalem

Public Memorial

Yad LaBanim, Ramat Ishay

Urban Block

Urban Renovation, Tel Aviv

Zion Square

Eden_ the Jerusalem Center Development Company

HFC Civic Center

HFC (Home Front Command), Israel Defense Forces

welcome to S.E.A

The Israeli Pavilion, Biennale Rotterdam 2005

House K

Private House, Caesarea

Good Night

Youth Wing for Art Education, the Israel Museum Jerusalem

An Anatomy of Space and Body